Meet Ria

Meet Ria

Diagnosed at 41, Stage 1 ER+ Breast Cancer

Hi, I'm Ria

On November 26, 2018, I was given the news that the biopsy tested positive for cancer. I was 41 years old.

On November 5, 2018, I went in for a routine mammogram. The next day, I got a call to come in for more pictures, an ultrasound, and a biopsy. They had found suspicious calcifications.

On November 26, 2018, I was given the news that the biopsy tested positive for cancer. I was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of the upper-outer quadrant of right breast, estrogen receptor positive.

Stage 1, breast cancer.

I had NO breast cancer symptoms. Which was scary. I had no family history of it. Just a couple of months prior, I had my wellness exam and the test results all came back normal. But of course I learned that cancer is not detected that way.

I went through 6 rounds of :



Perjeta, &


On June 21st of this year - a week after my mastectomy, my oncologist gave me the best news! He said the pathology results showed “No evidence of disease!” This meant I had a complete response to chemo and I did not need to have radiation treatment. I was told I am now cancer free and in remission, but I do have to continue Herceptin treatments until the end of the year and start hormonal therapy.

On December 17th, I had my last Herceptin treatment. The following day, my porta-cath was removed.

Cancer is life changing. The chemotherapy physically destroys your body, while cancer itself mentally drains you. With that said, I am glad I was still able to exercise. It was, and still is my therapy.

Life after cancer: I am trying to get used to my new normal. My second chance at life. I have met some amazing people through this journey. Cancer has taught me what is important in life. To take it one day at a time, and to live life to the fullest. I hope to inspire others with my story. I believe that the routine mammogram is what saved my life.