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Our HOPE ALWAYS care packages are hand-picked and curated by SBC team members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They are people who understand how breast cancer disrupts lives and how uncertain things can be. They are also people who know how important it is to feel loved, to be supported, and to provide hope when it is needed most.  

Give the gift of providing HOPE ALWAYS. 

HOPE ALWAYS care packages are unique and crafted with love.

Examples of what may be included: 

  • Non-toxic makeup

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Journal

  • Motivational wristbands

  • Cozy socks

  • Unscented lotion

  • Books

  • Water bottle

  • Specific items are tailored if the care package is for someone undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. 

How It Works:

You always have options! 

Donate to the cause: Make a donation and will take care of the rest, by hand-picking items and preparing a HOPE ALWAYS care package. We will then ship it off to an SBC community member on our HOPE ALWAYS request list who has either been newly diagnosed or is living with metastatic breast cancer.


Fill out the request form below. 

Donate and request a care package for a loved one:  Make a donation and complete the HOPE ALWAYS request form below. This enables you to dedicate your HOPE ALWAYS care package to someone specific. Simply add your contact details, the recipient's mailing address, and your personal message. will take care of the rest, by hand-picking items, preparing a HOPE ALWAYS care package, and shipping it to your recipient.  

Nurse Navigators Request: If you are a breast cancer oncology nurse navigator or part of the oncology team, you may request a Hope Always care package for a newly diagnosed patient or a patient living with metastatic disease. Please email from your work email with your request and our team will be in touch!

What your donation provides:

$49.99 enables us to send 1 HOPE ALWAYS care package to someone in our SBC community who has been recently diagnosed or living with MBC, or to a recipient of your choice. 

$199.99 enables us to send 6 HOPE ALWAYS care packages to SBC community members who have been recently diagnosed or living with MBC and are on our Hope Always waiting list. ​

Give the gift of hope with our HOPE ALWAYS care package!

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At this time, our SBC Hope Always Care Packages are available in the US only. We look forward to expanding this program soon!