This Is Your Fundraiser

Tips to get started...

Hosting a fundraiser is a fun and easy way to let others know what you care about! At, we rely on volunteers and the generosity of people like you to help us raise awareness in your area about breast cancer. 

When you choose to host a fundraiser and support the mission of, you can be assured that all proceeds raised go directly to supporting our programs, education, and resources that we provide to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers. 

Welcome to the team! 

Your fundraiser can take on any shape or form! After all, this is your event!

 Some ideas include:

  • Hosting a dinner party with raffle prizes

  • Putting on a 5K walk in your neighborhood 

  • Hosting a High Tea Luncheon

  • Hosting a yoga class to raise funds! 

Know that your fundraising is making a world of difference where it matters! So let's get this collaboration started and see next steps below.

Fundraising Guidelines


These guidelines have been developed to assist groups and individuals who are planning a fundraiser for the benefit of, Inc.


These guidelines provide some aspects of the law relating to fundraising, as well as’s own requirements. They are not a substitute for your own legal advice. Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Your support ensures that we can continue to empower those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers from day one and beyond. 


Who is is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the IRS in the US and registered with the state of Massachusetts.  Our charity provides support services, programming, education, and resources to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


How do I start a Fundraiser?

All groups or individuals who are interested in planning a fundraiser must submit their request through our website. We will review your request and usually get back to you within 7 business days.


Your Responsibilities in Hosting a Fundraiser.

As the Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing your event. You will need to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the event. is not able to provide prizes or funds to support your event, or help you to implement the day to day activities of the event.


Integrity & Quality.

All of’s activities must maintain the integrity, values and image of the organization and of our brand and maintain the highest quality and transparency. All fundraising opportunities will aim to add value to and its work, and maintain the reputation of the organization. All fundraising activities must be safe for all participants.


Money and Financial Record Keeping.

Keep accurate financial records, including receipts for expenses incurred and records of donations and moneys received.  You must not incur any expenses in’s name. The Event Coordinator is responsible for collecting all ticket payments and monies raised at an event through, for example, raffles and auctions. Upon special request, may offer to help the Event’s Coordinator track RSVP’s through’s online event system. Sales of these tickets through our system will be noted as donations and directly submitted to


After your fundraiser.

The Event Coordinator will send in proceeds within 14 days of the event concluding. There are two options for submitting the funds:

Option 1: Our preferred method: You can submit a check made out to and mailed to the following address

183 W. 8th Street., Suite #1

Boston, MA 02127


Please be sure to include your Event ID on the check when mailing in your donation.


Option 2: You can donate directly through our website using Paypal. Please note that donations through our website will automatically deduct 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction. Please be sure to include your Event ID in the comments when making your donation through our website.


Finally, ensure that you have appropriate public liability insurance to cover your event. is not and cannot be held responsible for any liabilities.  



How supports you in your fundraiser takes pride in partnering with groups and individuals who believe in our mission and who want to provide awareness in support for breast cancer. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to live out our mission.  As an approved Fundraiser Event, you will receive the following support from our team:


  • Permission to use our logo on your event’s promotion materials (please note any use of our logo must have prior approval).

  • We will highlight your event on our events section of website and in our newsletters to help raise awareness.

  • A media template for you to customize to help you gain media coverage for your event

  • A letter for you to customize to help you gather prizes for your event.

  • Upon request, we may be able to arrange for a ambassador to speak at your event.


Logo Guidelines

The logo is of considerable value to our organization as it represents our charity’s brand and image. Below are some guidelines on usage of the logo by Event Coordinators when holding a fundraising event for Survivingbreastcancer.rorg:

  • Ensure that you seek’s permission before using our logo in any promotional activities.

  •  Ensure you have’s permission on how the logo is used on any promotional material, for example, invites.

  • The approval and use of the logo is intended for the sole purpose of the fundraising event and the logo cannot be distributed to others without’s permission.

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