the Hospice Doctor's Widow


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Everyone facing death—their own or a loved one’s—benefits from this love story and practical guide in one. 

As a hospice doctor, Bob cared daily for dying patients. At home, his wife Jen listened to the stories of patients and families, layering her understanding of death with the early losses of her own brother and mother. Then, the man who had spent a 40-year career of caregiving for others was diagnosed with advanced, metastatic cancer.

An insightful blend of art and compassion, patience and endearing honesty, Jen’s digital art journal chronicles this time in their marriage. What began as a visceral, self-care compulsion within days of diagnosis became handwritten notes, colorful collages, and layered images revealing the raw,  luminescent reflections of a caregiver-turned-widow.

Beyond the practical guidance and solace offered by an insider, Jen’s journal reminds us how to live presently during our darkest hours, honor grief, and discover—even after devastating loss—ways to forge forward.