John's Journey


My cancer was stage one.




Mastectomy and three lymph nodes removed



Hormonal Therapies:

Tamoxifen for 5 years

And I am here to share my story! 

I was in the shower one day and felt a lump just under my nipple. I showed my wife and she said we WILL BE getting it checked out.


Me being a guy, I wasn't thinking much of it. I got a biopsy that didn't show anything. So the surgeon wanted to take the lump out and test it.


Well, it came back positive.

My jaw hit the floor.

My wife started crying.

It was a big mental breakdown.

I scheduled a mastectomy surgery and prayed for the best. I had my surgery and had 5 weeks of boring recovery before I had to go back to work.

I broke down and cried numerous times while lying on the couch watching TV.

Some of the crying did me some good,

some didn't help at all.

Well that's been about 5 months ago and I am now cancer free!

Oncologist says it's very possible to get it again but I will be more prepared this time if it does.


I'm good enough with it now to joke about it.

Have a story you want to share? We want to hear from you!

I have a 6-month-old grandson. My wife and daughter were talking one day about getting new nipples for my grandsons bottles.


I told them to pick one up for me cause I seemed to have lost one somewhere.


Thanks for the time to tell my story!!

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