Day 4 Post-Op (Part I)

Updated: May 16, 2020

I wish someone would have told me that I was going to feel this good after surgery! First off, I am just so relieved that I woke up from surgery. I had never had any major surgery before so I was naturally was petrified about the procedure, the pain, and what life would be like “on the other side”. I have to say, in full honest, I am surprisingly happy!

Knowing that the tumor was removed just gives me a new sense of relief. I know having cancer is stressful, but being on this side of the operation feels so good! Now, it’s time to move forward and I am not going to miss a beat.

I know rest is an important part of the healing process, but so is movement! I was thrilled when my surgeon told me to move as much as my body allows me to! I started raising my arms and “climbing the wall” so that I could build up my arm mobility as quickly as possible (this was also important for me as not to have too much scar tissue form either)!

Also, while I can’t run, I am determined to walk 5 miles a day, minimum. As part of my recovery it is important to get out of the house, enjoy some fresh air, and get moving! Walking is a great form of exercise to get the blood circulating and build confidence! Yes, I just had surgery, I have 3 drains, and peach fuzz for hair, but I am not letting this stop me from enjoying the activities I love. Plus, I know that if I can walk every day, I’ll be back to jogging and running in no time!

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