More Cancer Patients Are Storing Their Tumors, Here’s Why...

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

By Store My Tumor

You know that the standard of care for cancer is simply not enough and if your cancer is not contained early on and actively managed, there’s a high risk that the cancer will recur and progress. What you may not know, and is a vital component to advanced cancer treatment, is that tumor preservation is the only way to customized treatments and strategies that are more likely to work.

What many cancer patients do not know and often times find out too late is that a live cancer tumor is required in order to design personalized treatment options. And, how that live tumor is stored is a critical component. If you choose to have your hospital store your tumor, it will NOT be preserved in the right formats. Hospitals routinely discard tumors as medical waste. StoreMyTumor offers a service that can help you collect, process and store your tumors in multiple formats so that you continue to have access for diagnostics and treatment. Don’t let anyone discard your tumors.

Your tumor can help you answer tough questions.

Preserving the tumor or biopsy in multiple formats is the first step toward developing personalized effective treatments. With the tumor preserved in the right format at the time of surgery or biopsy, you can answer very big questions, such as:

Which chemo is my tumor most likely to respond to?

Which one of the thousands of drugs out there may work on my tumor?

Are there any experimental drug/ treatment/clinical trial out there I should consider?

Is there a certain combination that may work better than the standard or one drug?

Which immunotherapy drug/ treatment is available for me?

Diagnostics instead of guessing

There are diagnostic tests that synthesize various data points about your tumor and translate them into specific recommendations that become your personalized cancer treatment roadmap, such as:

Genetic testing– checks for hundreds of targets on the tumor and matches these targets to chemo/drugs and experimental drugs designed for that target.

Chemo-sensitivity testing– tests which chemo is most effective. This is vital because chemo has toxic side effects.

Drug screening / organoids – tests a wider range (100+) of drugs and combination of drugs, including, chemo, targeted drugs, and immunotherapy drugs.

Personalized Immunotherapy instead of a wait-and-see approach

Immunotherapy is also another area patient consider. It educates your own immune system to fight the cancer cells. Immunotherapy is experimental, typically considered in parallel to drugs and standard treatments, and helps extend time in remission.

In summary, here’s what is possible when you preserve your tumor:

Bottom line: No two tumors are the alike, and each contains important information critical to the treatment. Tumors are NOT preserved in the right formats by the hospital, and are routinely discarded as medical waste. Don’t let anyone discard your tumors. For more information: call +1 267.702.5501 or

Team StoreMyTumor +1.267.702.5501

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