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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Published by Sponsor Store My Tumor.

Only by recognizing that each patient is different, oncologists can begin to design tailored and effective treatments, but this requires the patient’s tumors (cancer cells and tissue) be preserved alive.

StoreMyTumor helps patients collect, process, and preserve their tumors alive (for all indications).


FACT: Two people with the exact same cancer diagnosis can and do respond differently to the exact same treatment regimens. Each person is unique and so is their cancer.

FACT: Up to 50% of cancer patients do not respond to traditional treatments and are forced to explore advanced diagnostics and personalized treatments that requires your tumor.

FACT: When you match the RIGHT targeted therapy or chemotherapy to the RIGHT tumor, tumors can shrink and hopefully the cancer goes into remission or at least remains stable.

FACT: A new class of treatments called Immunotherapy (cancer vaccines) awaken and stimulate your immune system to actively fight the cancer cells with and with out toxic side effects.

FACT: To potentially benefit from personalized treatment options, you need tissue from your specific tumor. This tumor tissue can only be collected at the time of biopsy or surgery.

StoreMyTumor preserves patients’ tumors in multiple formats so that the preserved tumor is compliant with most advanced diagnostics and treatments.

The process

StoreMyTumor can work with any hospital or cancer center. The patient seeks this service before the surgery. StoreMyTumor obtains the patient’s consent and sends the patient a collections kit with detailed instructions for the surgeon. Once the tumor is packed and the kit is received back, StoreMyTumor processes the tumor and preserves it. Patients then work with their oncologist and StoreMyTumor and instruct StoreMyTumor to coordinate parts of the tumor sent for diagnostics and parts for immunotherapy, thus allowing them to maximize their potential therapeutic and diagnostic options.

What is a preserved tumor used for?

Advanced testing: Tumor is tested to identify the drug or combination that will and rule out drugs that will not. This is important to identify the idea drug-cocktail from day one as opposed to trying to learn.

Personalized immunotherapy: Tumor is used in preparing cellular immunotherapies that awaken and stimulate the immune system to fight the cancer. There are different types of immune-therapies including: Vaccines and T-cell therapy.

Bottom line

Patients must make this decision before the biopsy or surgery or ascites drainage. Every tumor is unique and contains information critical to treatment, but tumors are not preserved in the right formats by the hospital and are routinely discarded as medical waste.

As the disease advances, standardized treatments are often not enough. Having the tumor preserved is the only way to testing it and using it to create more customized treatments and strategies that are more likely to work. It is a process, and this is personalized medicine at its best.

StoreMyTumor is the trusted tumor preservation service leader for cutting edge cancer centers worldwide.

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