The Port & Losing My Hair

Updated: May 16

So many updates to share! Everything about cancer is new to me. There is so much about my body that I know nothing about. Nor do I understand how this is all going to work. I am going through treatment, trying to understand it all, and process all at the same time! It can certainly be overwhelming!

Today, I am focusing on two topics. The decision to get my port placed, and an update on my hair situation!

I was in shock when I found out that I was going to have my port placed in the morning and a few hours later receive my first chemo treatment. While this sounded rushed to me, it was pretty standard practice. However, the moment I was on the stretcher in the hospital, being wheeled into the operating room, the tears came streaming. I’ve never had to have surgery before and when I came into the operating room, it was just like what you would expect from seeing ER or House on T.V: Lots of people in scrubs, face masks, sterile table, big bright lights, even a two-way mirror where others are monitoring computer screens. If this isn’t your normal, it is definitely scary!

From there, I was brought up to the infusion center to receive my first round of chemo. Again, being my first time, everything is so overwhelming! The Adriamycin and Cytoxan came in a bag that had the yellow skull symbol on it reminding me that the contents inside the bag were dangerous and toxic. Nurses had gray gloves and were handling the IV and chemicals with such care and I was just sitting there waiting for these new drugs to start coursing through my body. A very overwhelming day! But I survived and I am here to tell you all about it!

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