Vaginal Atrophy is a Real Struggle

Updated: Mar 5

Written by, Angela Duncan M.S. and Mary Jane Haake, CPCP

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Am I the Only One?

Studies show that up to 50 percent of women suffer from a lack of vaginal lubrication. The condition is not limited to menopausal women and can be experienced at any age.

The good news is you’re not alone and this condition is treatable. Although society is slowly focusing of women’s intimate health issues, there is a long way to go. Studies conducted in 2014 show that of the 64 million postmenopausal women, 32 million suffer from vaginal atrophy. Since women’s intimate problems have been taboo, more than half of these women did not know that their symptoms were caused by menopause or hormonal changes and that their symptoms can be treated and reversed.

Other studies conducted show that nearly three in five women have experienced dryness and painful sex. The problem is that nearly 43% of women who have these symptoms will not reach out, or they do not have a place to turn for advice about age or hormone related changes to their body. Without the comfort of talking about intimate health, some women may not know what is a normal symptom and how to treat it, or when should they stop keeping their secret and talk to someone about an easily treatable problem.

Education and encouragement are just a couple of ways to help make social taboos of women’s intimate health a thing of the past. Vaginal atrophy is a real struggle that many women of all ages face on their own. Women staying silent about this very real problem can not only affect their health but affect their relationships, and quality of life.

Vaginal moisture

Some say thin, dry vaginal and vulvar tissues affect 75% of postmenopausal women. But it’s not just midlife or older women that suffer from vaginal dryness. There are any number of other circumstances that can thin and dehydrate your vagina, such as having a baby, nursing, taking hormonal contraception, being treated for cancer with chemotherapy or radiation, and medications such as anti-histamines or decongestants.

Vaginal moisturizers are used to prepare and heal your vagina so that you can once again enjoy intimate relations. “In the Pink” organic botanical moisturizers restore balance without the use of chemicals. You literally turn back the clock while you sleep. Consider them a daily “vaginal supplement”. “In the Pink” Moisture Drops are a safe and effective choice that just may change your life.

What Can I Do?

Vaginal dryness is treatable. The first goal is to find out what is causing your problem and then come up with a plan to help naturally restore your vagina, whether it is stress relief or making a change in your medications.

Most natural lubricants on the market will provide short-term relief but it is important to find long term relief as well. In The Pink offers a Vaginal Moisture Drop that helps soothe, hydrate and restore your vagina. This perle is rich in Omega 3 and 6 linoleic acid with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and analgesic properties. This perle is designed to closely mimic your natural lubrication while restoring tissue elasticity.

In The Pink’s Intimate Massage Oils are a lubrication relief crafted from estrogen-free organic ingredients. This botanical blend is crafted to closely mimic a female’s natural lubrication along with the added benefits that essential oils have to offer. If you desire an all-natural product to provide lubrication, moisture, aromatherapy, pain control and enhanced intimate play, this is the lubrication for you.

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