Wego-Health Awards - A milestone & a Celebration of Who We Are.

By Shruthi Manjunath and Maddie Sabhanayaga

The journey of SurvivingBreastCancer.org began with the novel idea of providing a safe space for survivors to come together to find support and comfort amongst fellow survivors. A way to connect and bond over the trials and tribulations of fighting breast cancer.

Maddie, one of our more senior interns reflects, “it has been inspiring to watch the way SBC has grown over the last year. It has been almost 10 months since I joined the team and each day, I learn something new not just from an intern perspective but also from the survivors themselves. The way these resilient survivors wage their fight relentlessly and at the same time are the backbone of a supportive community is life changing.

Shruthi, who recently joined our team posits: “I have been enjoying my time at SBC, listening and writing the show notes for the podcasts Breast Cancer Conversations, along with writing articles for the blog. I have also enjoyed connecting with others on the SBC team.”

Since the launch of SBC in 2017, we have witnessed several inspiring individuals come forward to share their story and some gifted medical professionals offer their support in any way they can. This continued support from our fellow community members has brought about a monumental milestone in the path of Survivingbreastcancer.org.

Survivingbreastcancer.org has been nominated for the 9th Annual Wego Health Awards in 4 categories:

· Advocate for another,

· Best in show: community,

· Best in show: blog

· Best in show: podcast.

What is Wego Health?

Wego Health is a well-established organization that aims to aid patient leaders on their quest to interact with healthcare professionals to revolutionize the healthcare industry. This organization provides a network in which patients are able to narrate their stories and build platforms to bring awareness to specific issues. Patient leaders are able to connect with healthcare companies to create content and use social media platforms to create changes in healthcare. On their webpage, Wego explains that they are “a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming healthcare by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders.”

What are Wego Health Awards?

Wego allows individuals to receive payment through sharing their story and access patient leader training. Of course, it is always important to recognize and commend the hard work that individuals put in. The Wego Health Awards allow for this. In total, there are sixteen different award categories. The awards include 75 finalists and 15 eventual winners. Last year, Wego received more than 6000 nominations and 130,000 endorsements. How cool is that!

What’s the Award Selection Process?

There are four different stages involved in the Wego Awards.

1. The first stage includes nominations which occur starting in June and end in July. Anyone who is a leader in the online community and creating change in the healthcare system can be nominated.

2. The second stage occurs in July and includes endorsements. Individuals can show support to nominees and endorse them online through adding likes to their endorsement page..

3. The third stage occurs between August and September and involves judging. Judges use specific categories to judge the finalists. They score the finalists individually and Wego counts the finalists’ scores in order to determine the winners.

4. The final stage consists of celebrations which occur in October. Last year, Wego partnered with The Future of Healthcare (HLTH) to create the biggest award celebration ever!

For the upcoming year, the celebrations will be evidently virtual. Winners will receive a $500 cash prize and a seat on the WEGO Health 2021 Patient Leader Advisory Board. In addition, the winners will be featured as one of the “worlds’ top patient experts” in the patient-centered series online and will be exposed to many opportunities throughout the year as a result of winning one of these awards. This recognition is an amazing way to gain resources and opportunities that will allow Survivingbreastcancer.org to reach a larger audience and impact many people more breast cancer survivors and thrivers in a positive way.

This nomination is a testament to the continued efforts of our online community. We at Survivingbreastcancer.org are so grateful for the constant effort and contributions of you all! This would not have been possible without you. It is a moment of joy seeing fruition for all of our hard work. Certainly, a cause for a celebration!

What People Are Saying

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful group with me. I finally found a group I like and look forward to going to. I cannot get through this without support system. Thank you.” Christa

“Oh how I can relate to ALL of this! I was 35 and pregnant after two miscarriages....

Thank you for baring your soul. The waves that your words create are a never-ending ripple.” Trish

“Thank you for last night! I was so happy to celebrate the start of 2020 with such a dynamic and friendly group of women. The conversation transcended beyond breast cancer stories, thus creating even stronger connections.” Laura

“I just finished listening to the most recent podcasts and WOW!!! I wanted to laugh and cry! So much of what she said was so relatable! Thanks for another great one!!” Tammy

“I love the way you featured my story! I shared it with my Sister Donna too and we were just about in tears.”

Next Steps & Actions You Can Take

We are currently in the endorsement stage of the Wego Awards! You may endorse Survivingbreastcancer.org for 1 or all categories for which we’ve been nominated throughout the month of July. We know the importance of our work, you tell us all the time with your stories and strong belief in our mission! We are your virtual online surviving breast cancer platform and couldn’t be more honored.

Please take a moment to endorse us!

You can also forward this article to your networks, share on social media and encourage others to cast their endorsement for survivingbreastcancer.org.

Thank you!

Maddie Sabhanayagam, is a recent UMass Boston graduate who earned her MS in Business Data Analytics. She enjoys writing editorial pieces for the platform and spends her time reading or learning new IT technical skills.

Shruthi is a rising junior at Brandeis University majoring in Biology with a minor in Hispanic Studies. In her free time she enjoys running, dancing, watching netflix, and cooking.

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