Year End Giving To Support Breast Cancer Community

Updated: Mar 19

Thank you for supporting throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)! It was a very busy 31 days but our work doesn't stop just because it's no longer, BCAM. In fact, we are just gearing up! Before we jump into where we are heading, let's take a quick inventory of successes this October:'s Breast Cancer Awareness Month Impact:

  • 10K visitors came to our website to ready survivor stories, gain information via our news and blog articles, and access our resource pages

  • 286 people attended at least one of our October virtual programs ranging from Survivorship Workshops and Thursday Night Thriver Meetups to Chair Yoga and webinars on grief & loss.

  • Our podcast Breast Cancer Conversations was downloaded 2639 times with the number one episode being episode #60, Mastectomy Recovery Tips.

  • We took a strong stance this October, moving beyond just awareness, and turned the spotlight onto Metastatic Breast Cancer, Going Flat, Informed Consent, and Breast Cancer Recurrence. All topics that make us one of the most unique, diverse and inclusive breast cancer communities out there!

We are YOUR community! We take your words, your emails, your suggestions and turn them into blogs, podcasts and programming.

  • Because of you, we have created our Breast Cancer Book Club which already has 51 members!

  • Because of you, we are bringing in experts to talk to us about precision medicine and why our genes matter!

  • Because of you, we are teaming up with organizations to bring you clinical trial matching!

But our work is not done. We need your support now more than ever in these times of, not just breast cancer, but COVID-19 as we continue to provide necessary community, education and resources to those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families from day one and beyond.

Did you know that roughly 30% of annual giving occurs between November and December, with about 10% of all annual giving concentrated in the last three days of the year?

Asset Based Giving is a brilliant way to maximize your donation to charity, and reducing your tax payments. By donating non-cash assets, instead of selling them, paying taxes (if required) and then donating the proceeds, it typically allows you to receive a fair market value tax deduction, versus selling and paying a capital gain.

For example: Bill and Judy have a small farm in Northern New England. It has been in their family name for 30 years. Bill and Judy purchased the farm for $35,000 and just this year it appraised at $350,000 market value. Bill and Judy are getting on in years and don't really spend much time away from their South Carolina Retirement Community. Judy was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer 10 years ago, and was successfully treated at a Cancer Clinic. Since then, the couple have been partial to the breast cancer community and they wished to sell this farm and donate the proceeds. But doing so would have sent thousands of dollars to the federal government in the form of taxes, versus to the breast cancer community they were so supportive of.

The couple learned through their accountant that one of their favorite charities, was able to accept innovative, non-cash gifts such as real estate, business interests, jewelry, autos and boats, and they were thrilled to make their gift before the sale.

Why would this be a brilliant choice?

Bill and Judy avoided paying capital gains tax, saving many thousands of dollars. These dollars went to support the breast cancer community work of

Higher charitable income tax deduction: They received a tax deduction of $350,000, the fair market value of their property. This created a considerable tax savings and allowed to maximize the benefit.

With the Asset Based donation, in this example, would be able to own and operate the farm as a retreat and nutritional learning center for the breast cancer community.

So how can we serve you? would be honored to speak with you to explain how we can help you give in new, creative, and tax-smart ways. Please call us at (603)361-7018 or email


Out of the need to navigate the uncertainty and the strong desire for connection, support, and resources, was born. A fundamental piece of the breast cancer journey revolves around well-being and quality of life.  This translates into how community, education, support, and wellness complement one's treatment plans and continues not only through survivorship, but thrivership!, Inc., Employer Number 82-2953427, is a non-profit 501(c)(3), dedicated to empowering breast cancer survivors, their families and caregivers, from day one. At, we believe that an integrative approach to a breast cancer diagnosis plays an important role during treatment and  throughout survivorship.  Our virtual educational and patient care community meets you where you are.  Whether you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, you are several years with no evidence of disease, or you are living with metastatic breast cancer, is a complement to your care.​

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