Probably Benign

A Devastating Diagnosis, a 500-Mile Journey, and a Quest to Advance the Next Generation of Breast Cancer Screening


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order Probably Benign for a friend who was recently diagnosed?

Absolutely! We understand how important it is to give the gift of hope and support to someone undergoing a breast cancer diagnosis.  You can order Probably Benign online and include the address of where you'd like your book shipped!

Can I Order Several Books For My Health Practice?

Yes! You may certainly order books for your health practice, for a support group you manage, or any other group who would benefit from Probably Benign


Can I Order Probably Benign On Amazon?

Yes, you can certainly purchase Probably Benign on Amazon.  However, Amazon does take a large portion of the sales which is why we appreciate you supporting non-profits like and independent authors like Leslie Ferris Yerger when you purchase through our website.

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