Michael Lemme

Marketing & Advertising

My name is Michael Lemme and I am very excited to be interning for as a Brandeis University undergraduate. Next year I will be graduating with a double major in Health, Science, Society and Policy and Hispanic Studies. Throughout my college experience I have focused my efforts on better understanding the intricacies of the American healthcare system and how it could be improved. Before coming to the US, I lived in Italy and have been fascinated by how different people view and value healthcare. I have always enjoyed communicating with others especially in Italian or Spanish to appreciate a more personal insight from a different point of view. Single payer or not, navigating any type of healthcare system to find answers about nutrition, mental and physical health can prove to be extremely difficult before, during or even after a diagnosis. I believe in our mission because resources like forums, open conversations and podcasts provide a sense of security, unity, and community during polarizing times.