What People Are Saying


I am looking forward to getting involved, letting women know about their screening options and working with a great organization like yours.


Tonight went great! It was an intimate group and I was honestly shocked at how sincerely interested these women were in our stories... they all have daughters and grand daughters going through breast cancer.  I  really appreciate being part of your speakers bureau and happy to do it again any time.


Thank you so much Laura! I’m so glad to be a part of SurvivingBreastCancer.org! You have done an amazing job with it!!!


"Gratitude is the attitude.”  For me that means I am gracious for everything and every moment.  The fact that I stand before you as a 34 yr old with 3C TNBC still here and still thriving is a gift in its own.  I’m grateful for this cancer community and all the thrivers I’ve met along the way, you have helped me in more ways that my doctors couldn’t.

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