I've been through chemo-therapy:




Hormonal Therapies:


And I am here to share my story! 

YOlanda's Journey

A relatable excerpt from a day in the life of Yolanda and lovely reminder about how resilient we are:

I just ran 5 miles... OMG! It's only taken 2 years 4 months since chemo to get there but I'll take it!!! I did not take seriously what chemo would do to my body. It has been incredibly easy to forget the trauma of 8 months of cancer hell, I mean who wants to remember?


You live with it every day but the pain, fear, physical trauma... it all fades only to remind you each time you attempt something you physically can't do.

I could have listened to my mother each time she said:

"Maybe you should rest today",

"Maybe you need to find another activity",

"Maybe running isn't for you anymore",

"You need to understand your limitations".

And, I agree, I took up biking and I do understand my limitations.

BUT THAT DOESN'T stop me from trying!

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