Image by Chris Montgomery

Thursday Night Thrivers MeetUp

Attend our next meetup!

Ever just want to meet up and hang out with others who just get it? We got you covered! Every Thursday night at 7pm ET, hosts our signature get together event! 

Yes, we enjoy getting together and talking about breast cancer, sharing our stories, and the trials and tribulations, but our community is so much more than a "breast cancer support group".  We forge bonds that extend well beyond our diagnosis. We laugh, we share experiences, and at the end of the day we offer support! 

If you are looking for a "come as you are", "no agenda" meetup, this is the place! 

We host this standing appointment every Thursday so when you are ready, we are here for you! 

Attendee's of our Thursday Night Thrives Meetup also have access to our members only private group in our member's area so that the conversations and support can continue all week long!  


Thank you for last night! I was so happy to celebrate the start of 2020 with such a dynamic and friendly group of women. The conversation transcended even beyond breast cancer stories, thus creating even stronger connections.” Laura D., MA

Thank you for hosting this amazing event and for all of the other things you continue to do to keep us all educated. I feel such a sense of community and I’ve only come to two Thrivers’ meetings so far. I cannot wait for next week!