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Breast Cancer Support provides breast cancer support, events and webinars at no cost to you! Whether you are looking to gain more knowledge on a particular topic or meet up with other breast cancer survivors, we have something for everyone. Join our support group which meets every Thursday Night. Attend one of our Sunday Metastatic Breast Cancer Series, or a webinar featuring experts in the field! 

Almost all of our webinars are recorded so if you can't make an event, no problem. Share your email and which webinar session you'd like the recording for below and we'll send it your way! 

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Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Mar 02
    Physical activity, movement, and nutrition play a key role during and after breast cancer treatment but it can sometime be hard to know what to do when you're going through active treatment or just finished and trying to get back to "normal". Join us for as we discuss these strategies!
  • Thu, Mar 04
    Join the community. Meet others diagnosed with breast cancer. Connect with caregivers and more! This is your online community!
  • Sun, Mar 07
    Want to take your mind off of cancer and connect with others in our breast cancer community without focusing on our diagnosis? We have just what you need, a book club! Join us monthly for inspiring readings, discussions and more!
  • Sun, Mar 07
    Curious about what hospice is all about? Join us for a webinar about the hospice process with Dr. Michael D. Fratkin, MD, a builder, an innovator, and a dreamer. Dr. Fratkin approaches life and the practice of medicine with love and respect.
  • Sun, Mar 14
    Join us to hear a panel of men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer Learn about their experiences and how they are doing now. Male breast cancer, while less common, is just as serious of a disease.
  • Sun, Mar 21
    Join Kelly Grosklags in discussions around understanding grief, anticipatory loss, losing friends in the community, and collective grief followed by a Q & A session to anyone who would like to participate. See the link below to learn more about Kelly.
  • Sun, Apr 04
    Livestream via FB and YT
    Join these three lovely women as they collaborate to speak about supporting terminally ill cancer. Learn more about their organizations through this event as well!
  • Sun, Apr 18
    Meet the children who have lost their mothers to breast cancer. Dealing with the cancer death of a parent can come as a shock even if your parent had been sick for a long time. It might feel unfair, be overwhelming, and can come as a shock.

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