Corporate and Social Responsibility 

Getting Started

Explore the many ways you can partner with through cause-related marketing opportunities.  Just like no one tumor or diagnosis is the same, neither are our personal relationships that we develop with our partners. 

Identify Your Needs

  • What problem(s) are you trying to solve? 

  • How can an interdisciplinary approach bring value to your customers/shareholders? 

  • Where are the gaps that need to be filled? 

Select Your

Partnership Model

  • What platform complements your corporate strategy and goals? 

  • Review examples below.
  • Contact us to develop a customized approach. 

Experience a Lasting & Meaningful Impact

  • You know the work we do is important, together we can enhance lives.

  • If we can help one person we are doing well, but we know we that together we can impact the breast cancer community at large by transforming the patient experience and treating the whole person.  

Examples of Partnership Models

Sponsor an Event(s)

One of the more unique support services we offer at is our Survivor, Thrivers, and Caregiver Meet and Greets and Retreats.  These sponsored events look to raise awareness and further empower those impacted by breast cancer by creating community and outreach.  Get your name in front of those where it matters.

Share Your Voice by Sponsoring a Podcast(s)

Expand your brand awareness by being one of our podcast sponsors. This partnership goes well beyond the “brought to you by…” This is a two-way platform where your support provides 

education to our community. Come be a guest on our show, let’s go behind the scenes with your experts to raise awareness.

Let Us Do Your Heavy Lifting

Do something no one else has ever done. This is where your company and our mission collide. Let’s tailor a relationship to meet the needs of those we serve.  Our niche begins when active treatment ends so that those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their caregivers, continue to have the support and resources they need. Our focus is on survivorship so lets partner together to ensure we are providing the quality of life our breast cancer community deserves.


"What makes this non profit special is that the support comes from firsthand experience. They know what we want as far as connection and community, and they know what we need when it comes to questions about treatment and survivorship. 


The organization brought a different element of education and support to our film screening that made it more insightful, educational, and just overall more enjoyable. I cannot wait to partner with again!"

—  Jimmy Boratyn, Shot Time Productions

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