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Breast Health

Sand Dunes

Understanding Your Breast Health is the first step in being breast aware and knowing your body so that you can proactively advocate for yourself when you sense that something is not quit right. 

Despite how well we eat, exercise, and maintain a healthy life-style, it is still possible to develop breast cancer. This information serves as strategies to empower you and reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.  


If you develop breast caner, know that it is not your fault. The founder of Surviving Breast Cancer was a vegetarian since the age of 16 later to become a vegan. Out of the blue she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 34.   


We don't have all of the answers nor know why some people get breast cancer while others do not. What we do know are tools we can use to be breast aware, get screened, and understand our family history. 

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