About Survivingbreastcancer.org

Our Mission


The mission of SurvivingBreastCancer.org (SBC), a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to empower those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.  SBC serves as an educational and virtual community platform - offering support from day one and beyond, meeting patients and their families where they are on the continuum of a cancer diagnosis. SBC incorporates an integrative and collaborative approach to breast cancer, from risk reduction strategies and prevention, to treatment, survivorship, navigating end of life, and beyond. 

Volunteer Group

We defines survivors as anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer; you are surviving! 

SBC Is A Complement t To Your Care


SBC achieves our mission through three main pillars:

·     Programming and support services

·     Education and information dissemination 

·     Community engagement and connection


Who We Serve


Breast cancer does not just affect the patient; it affects everyone around them. That is why we develop comprehensive programs, services, and education to meet the needs of:


  • Those diagnosed with breast cancer

  • Those living with metastatic breast cancer

  • Spouses, families, and children caring for a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer

  • Spouses, families, and children who have lost a loved one to breast cancer



Our Core Values

We believe in collaboration

We care about our community

We engage in win-win partnerships that bring value and have impact

We lead with integrity and serve with compassion and empathy

We put people first and treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

Our Partners and Allies


SBC partners with patient advocates, medical oncologists, physicians, experts in the field, as well as corporations and organizations to offer the best education, support, and community resources so that we can execute our mission.

Board of Directors

Laura Carfang, M.A., Ed.D. 

William Laferriere, MBA

Kathleen Boyle, Ph.D. 

Meghann Sweeney, J.D. 

Anthony Carfang, MBA

Abigail Johnston, J.D.

The Team

Swati Yarlagadda 

Sanya Bawa

Olivia Nugent

Hashir Siddiqi

Kush Kataria

Simo Du

Candance Bloomstrand

Brady Scheiner

Michael Lemme

Shruthi Manjunath

Katelyn Parker

Arushi Samal

Aayush Gandhi

Keren He

Brett Shagoury