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Dear Friend,

What brings you to this website is most likely a breast cancer diagnosis. Perhaps you found a lump; or you are awaiting test results; or you just heard the words that you've been diagnosed with breast cancer; or maybe you are experiencing a recurrence. Whatever the reason, I want you to know that you will be supported and that our (SBC) community is here for you! 

A breast cancer diagnosis disrupts our lives and throws us into a whirlwind of doctors appointments, follow ups, tests, scans, and the like. Each and every one of us have unique experiences, and what our SBC platform and community provides is education, support, and resources for you as a complement to your medical care. We are not medical professionals, nor provide medical advice. But what we do offer is content, stories, and community when you need it most, and when you are ready for it!  What I mean by that is you are welcome to dive in to absolutely everything we offer today, or, you can take bite size approaches to get the information and support when you feel ready to consume it.  We've listed a few links and resources to help get you started and to hopefully make this process a bit less overwhelming. 

We pride ourselves on bridging together the positive and realistic side of breast cancer. We are a stress free organization.  We know that managing a diagnosis is really quite stressful.  Despite the circumstances in which we are meeting, I welcome you to our community and know that we are here for you from day one and beyond! 

With Gratitude, 

Laura Carfang

Executive Director & Founder

Where to Begin

Start Connecting With Others & Building Your Support Systems

Breast Cancer Support Groups
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Free Breast Cancer Support Group
Free Online Breast Cancer Support Group
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Discover support through our 5-start rated podcast,

Breast Cancer Conversations.

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