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Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

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Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation & Hormonal Therapy

When you meet with your oncology team, it is always important to remember that this is a partnership; a partnership between you and your doctors. It is ok to ask questions, to ask for clarification and to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your treatment options. 

Depending on the type of breast cancer you have (Triple Negative, Lobular, Inflammatory, etc. ), and the stage of your breast cancer, your treatment options will vary. In some cases people will start with chemotherapy, while others may have surgery first. In some cases, if your cancer has spread to the bones or organs, surgery may not be necessary. The point is, treatments very and if you read our breast cancer stories, you'll see the wide range of experiences our members share. 

What's the Difference between Diet and Nutrition? 

On Breast Cancer Conversations, the Podcast

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Radiation Therapy 

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-People who refuse aspects of therapy including radiation.

-What to expect when going in for radiation-Planning appointment

-What is radiation and why would I need it?

-Radiation and skin care

-Proton Beam Radiation (the science behind protons; a number of clinical trials exploring proton beam radiation in the breast cancer community to minimize cardiac toxicity).

-Risks association with radiation, but we still sign the consent. As a young breast cancer survivor, I ask Dr. Jimenez to explain the 10, 20 and 50 year plan for women who go through treatment.



-Cardiac toxicity

-Field of cardio oncology partners and have mapped out the ideal

-Herceptin and anthracyclines. After 5 years of survivorship, you should have a cardiac stress test.

-Getting a baseline with an ultrasound of the heart so if there are changes, doctors can track them.

-Our job (in Radiation Oncology) in follow up is to open up and make sure that referrals are made. How is your nutrition? Are you exercising? Did you schedule your next mammogram?



"Your providers are your providers for life". "You are never a bother, it is our job and privilege to take care of you! "

Radiation Therapy: What Every Breast Cancer Patient Needs To Know | With Dr. Rachel Jimenez

Radiation Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) with Dr. Rachel Jimenez and Dr. Kim Corbin.

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Tales from the Radiology Tech

Amy Ellen Parliman lives life by faith and enjoys spreading kindness.  26 years ago, she went to school to become a radiology technologist. She enjoys performing diagnostic imaging on her patients, she prides herself in safe and quality care.  About 12 years ago she became a leader in her field and has moved into a leadership role in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

She worked in mobile imaging for 13 years, she recently changed jobs to reenter the hospital scene. She enjoys sharing her skills in diagnostic imaging with newer technologist. Her thoughts are to create an environment that is warm and inviting for patients during some of the worse times of their lives. She lives by a code to treat all of her patients like she wants her parents treated. Her goal is a smile or maybe a laugh while caring for her patients. Over the years she has been able to learn from her patients and team.

On January 29, 2014 Amy became a Cancer patient.  She underwent treatment for stage III breast cancer during 2014. She lived with NED until January 29, 2019 then she was told she had MBC. She is currently on her first line treatment. If the opportunity presents, she will share her various experiences of living after diagnosis.

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