Fun Ways to Raise Money for Breast Cancer - 10 Ideas to Raise Awareness & Fun

Fun Ways to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

10 Ideas to Raise Awareness & Fun

There is no question that breast cancer is serious, scary stuff. Raising awareness and much needed funding doesn’t have to be. Creating and participating in fundraising activities to provide programs, education and community to support those diagnosed and their loved ones can be empowering and can eliminate the feeling of helplessness.

At we’re sharing a few ideas for unique, and sometimes silly, ways to raise money for breast cancer. Some are virtual to ensure we stay safe during the pandemic and others are suggestions for in-person projects once we can safely be together again.


Although many people are slowly venturing out again, we’re still spending a lot of time at home looking for fun ways to amuse one another and ourselves. Issue a challenge to a group of friends or associates to dye their hair (temporarily) pink. It can be their whole head or streaks of pink throughout their hair. Participants can order products online or even use Kool Aid to take the challenge. Show off your new look on Zoom in a virtual get together and have everyone take a photo to post on their social media accounts. Charge a fee to participate and ask them to ask their social media contacts to like their pink hair photo and make a donation.


Combine the artistic abilities and food skills of your friends with a virtual cake-decorating contest. Charge a small entrance fee for participants, and sell cake decorating kits for maximum convenience. This way, supporters will have everything they need to create their cake masterpiece with minimal effort on their part. Then, encourage participants to decorate their cakes in any way they’d like. Each participant will then upload a picture of their cake to an online portal, and other supporters and community members vote on the top cakes digitally!


With so many pictures of food posted online, it’s not a big leap to offer a cooking class to your network of friends and family. (How about Facebook Live or Zoom?) Put on an apron and channel your inner Julia Child, or consider asking a local chef to host a class. Charge a fee to watch and then schedule a second meet up or post photos of how the dish turned out for each participant.


Who doesn’t like a party?! Host a Zoom party! Ship each guest a “party in a box” for a festive atmosphere on screen; party boxes could include favors (hats, leis), tiny decorations (paper lanterns, mini-umbrellas for drinks), or even food and drink (pie-in-a-jar, drink mix). Ask guests to make a donation to participate, but also donate the money they would have spent on travel, a new outfit, a bottle of wine to the cause.


While we might not be able to gather ’round the game table for an evening of friendly competition (and probably plenty of snacks), self-isolation doesn’t have to mean the end of all group games. Host a virtual game night with a group of friends. Among the various virtual card games on is Remote Insensitivity, which is basically a free online version of Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox is another option with a variety of hilarious games available for individual purchase or in party packs and Skribbi, which is essentially digital Pictionary.


Pumpkin carving and decorating contests are seasonal favorites in the fall. What better way to create breast cancer awareness and raise funds during Breast Cancer Awareness month than by making it a Pink Pumpkin Decorating contest?! Charge a fee to participate and ask a local business to display the pumpkins with collection jars next to each one. The pumpkin with the most jar donations wins!


Turn those green thumbs pink! This one may take a bit of planning. Invite friends or work with your local garden club or organization to plan, plant and display a pink garden. Participants pay a fee to compete and when the gardens bloom, you can raise additional funds and awareness by hosting a garden tour.


This is a twist on the typical car wash, which is a fundraising classic. Instead of a regular old car wash, ask the men in your life to dress up in breast cancer pink and start washing cars. Participants donate to be part of the event and any money raised from the car wash is also donated.


Who can say no to a kid selling lemonade—especially if it’s for a good cause? Get the kids involved with a pink lemonade stand. Make extra money by combining it with a yard sale.


Purchase a number of pink plastic flamingos lawn decorations (you can purchase pink flamingos inexpensively from amazon or a 14 pack!) Pick 10 yards in your community to be the lucky recipients. Attach note cards to the flamingos’ necks with a phone number and your 3-Day donation information. State that for a $10 donation, the flamingos will be removed but for $15 they will be moved to the lawn of their choice. Make sure you also place a sign that has your contact name and phone number among the flamingos for those who drive by and would like to have the flamingos placed in a friend’s yard.

Those are just a few ideas to get you started.

Please follow our fundraising guidelines and let us know how it went! And, of course, we welcome your donations at any time!

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