Breast Cancer


Everyone's  breast cancer diagnosis is different. Everyone responds differently to treatment and even make different decisions based on personal preferences. Below we have compiled a series of breast cancer survivor and breast cancer thriver stories. You will find so many inspiring topics copied including but not limited it:

  • Diagnosed under 40

  • Diagnosed under 30

  • Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)

  • Triple positive breast cancer (ER+, PR+ HER2+)

  • Inflammatory breast cancer

  • Metastatic breast cancer

  • Invasive ductal carcinoma 

  • Being diagnosed with young children. 

  • ...and so much more! 


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What are the benefits of sharing my story?

Sharing your experience not only helps others looking for connection, but it is also therapeutic for YOU! Unpacking everything you have been through, expressing your concerns, questions, fears, successes, helps you make sense of the