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By donating to, you are helping to support our speakers bureau and raising awareness about breast cancer, health and wellness related to breast cancer, survivorship, early detection, and giving a voice to those with metastatic stage IV breast cancer. 


We engage in events nationwide, we showcase cutting edge research and narrate survivor stories through digital and social media via our YouTube Channel and our PodCast

By donating to you are supporting our community building programs and our mission of providing support and counseling to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as their caregivers. Whether it is virtual or in person, it is critical that there is a strong support network so that no matter where we someone is in their journey, they are not experiencing it alone. 

Our signature program is our Breast Cancer Survivors & Friends Meet and Greets. It is important that we cultivate connections. With appointments for infusions, check-ups, radiation etc, we want thrivers to have an appointment that is not at the hospital. Our Meet & Greets offer a social setting for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers to come together over a meal, exchange stories, embrace a sense of community and normalcy, and offer hope. 

By donating to you are supporting our health and wellness programs, and our mission of off-setting the costs so that those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can get access to our services. Research has shown that holistic and integrative therapies may decrease the negative side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal therapies (i.e., acupuncture, yoga, art therapy, reiki etc) .  

Additionally, studies have shown that nutrition and exercise can reduce the chances of recurrence (the cancer returning). Through our health and wellness programs, we are able to offer vouchers so that those diagnosed with breast cancer may have access to these service and embark on a healthy and balanced life-style and offset the long term side effects from treatment.  

At we strongly believe in social responsibility and ethical decision-making. We pride ourselves on transparency. The impact we are making in the breast cancer community could not be done without the incredible work of our #survivingbreastcancer team. is mission driven and  supports the needs of our community. We are  continuously enhancing our programs and services. Your donation makes a difference and we continue to be grateful for your support. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment and discuss legacy donations or endowments, please contact SBC, we are happy to partner with you! 

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