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03/11 This Week at Surviving Breast Cancer (SBC)

Issue: #276

Tick, tock... did you remember to change your clocks ahead one hour yesterday? Let’s enjoy these later sunsets as we make our way towards a glorious springtime!


This weekend, SBC attended the Infinite Strength MBC Conference in New Haven, CT. A huge congratulations and shoutout to Infinite Strength's founder and president, Roberta Lombardi, and her fabulous team, for hosting an educational, powerful, and intimate conference where we were able to connect with experts in the field and forge strong bonds with patient advocates.

Among the many key takeaways, I learned the importance of exercise. The question now is, how much exercise does one need to do to receive the benefits and at what point is more not necessarily better? Research is being conducted to explore what the #RightDose of exercise.

Dr. Teplinsky gave an exceptional talk normalizing the discussion around sex and intimacy when living with metastatic breast cancer. From providing recommendations on creams and suppositories like Intrarosa and Revaree, she encouraged us to speak with our oncologists and gynecologist about vaginal and pelvic floor health. Oftentimes these questions come up at the end of our already short and usually rushed appointments with our doctors so Dr. Teplinsky recommended making a separate appointment to specifically address these concerns with your team.

From laughing about the crazy stuff people say to those diagnosed with breast cancer, to discussions around "you don't look sick", we laughed, cried, hugged, and came together as a community in support of each other's experiences.


As the founder of (SBC), and diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, I am so grateful to be welcomed into the sacred space of the MBC community! We continue to provide relevant programming to address the pressing topics of those living with MBC. You can check out our MBC Webinar Series and catch our next Webinar this Wednesday hosted by Abigail Johnston and Amy Parliman where we talk about everything you need to know about scans.

And a reminder that this Thursday is Write Your Story Day! Perhaps you'd like to attend tonight’s writing workshop with Thomas to write it out. Whether or not you submit your writing for our blog, writing down thoughts can be a really helpful way to process your breast cancer experience. I encourage you to give it a shot! You might be surprised at what you create :) Happy writing!




Editorial: Effective Listening

At SBC we received a heartfelt, brilliant note from community member and MBC Leadership Team member Kathleen Friel, regarding how to properly listen to and respond when speaking with someone with a speech impairment. See her email below. Kathleen’s memo got me to thinking about how I can personally improve and develop effective listening habits, and after some quick research I came up with the following:

Effective listening is a crucial skill that goes beyond simply hearing words; it involves fully comprehending and interpreting the message being conveyed. One key aspect of effective listening is providing the speaker with your undivided attention. This means putting aside distractions, such as phones or other electronic devices, and maintaining eye contact to signal that you are fully engaged. Furthermore, active listening involves non-verbal cues, like nodding or mirroring the speaker’s body language, to convey understanding and encouragement. In addition to non-verbal cues, paraphrasing and summarizing the speaker's message demonstrate that you are not only hearing but also processing the information.

This reflective aspect of listening ensures that both parties are on the same page, fostering clarity and preventing misunderstandings. It’s essential to refrain from interrupting and allow the speaker to express themselves fully before responding. This patience and respect contribute to a more open and communicative environment, where individuals feel heard and valued.

Ultimately, effective listening is a skill that strengthens relationships, promotes understanding, and facilitates successful communication.


From The SBC Blog

No Scars to Your Beautiful

By Jayita Chatterjee

[This one is for me, for my pink cancer friends that went through lumpectomy,

mastectomy and/or reconstruction, and really anyone else that needs to hear this.]

If you feel horrible, looking like a Frankenstein, with giant stitches all across your body… I am here to tell you it is OK to feel how you feel! It is NOT vain. If your partner or others say that you look beautiful, but you don’t like how you look right now, it’s OK. If you don’t want to look at your body right now, it’s OK.

You went through a lot. You went through multiple surgeries, chemo, maybe radiation, immunotherapy. And yes, you are alive. But we are allowed to mourn our old self… not just the body, but the person we were the day before we were told we had cancer. Yes, it’s physical changes, but that’s on TOP of so many other life-altering moments. One day you’re just living your life, and the next you’re talking to oncologists, geneticists, and surgeons. The world will tell you that you’re supposed to be grateful for being alive, and how you look does not matter. But it DOES.


From the SBC Poetry Lab


By Goldiin Kelvins

In life, I met a girl so strong, brave, and true,

Within four walls, she battled, a constant cue.

Surviving, not living, she faced a relentless strife,

Moremi, a young soul navigating through life.

Born in Nigeria's west, in Africa's embrace,

Her memory lingers, my heart's sacred space.

I try to divert my thoughts, but I can't deny,

Her innocent gaze, a plea in each dark eye.

Her mind puzzled, imagining the world outside,

Yet, hope waned, like a fading tide.

She fought against sickness, a brave young soul,

Yet, it fought harder, taking its toll.

A 12-year-old warrior, courage in her stare,

Yet, sickness, a ruthless terror in the air.

Determined to live, dreams she'd conceive,

But sickness threatened, luring dreams to grieve.

Docs and teams fought, her heartbeat's descent,

Body systems failing, a despairing lament.

Yet, she'd jolt back, gasping for air,

Mother's dripping tears, a father's silent prayer.

Wishing for release, from the hands that tried,

From loved ones' grasp, in pain, she'd hide.

Drowning in the pit where life began,

Her tears echoed, a heart-wrenching plan.

Today, we lay her down in the earth's embrace,

Cancer claims victory, a bitter taste.

To those fighting, courage to you I send,

May your stories not meet this tragic end.

Lost a girl, lost a niece, grief in the wind,

Adieu, Moremi, where memories begin.


Today on the Podcast

11 Years of Survivorship - A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story with Dawn Aegle

Dawn shares her journey from diagnosis to traveling the world doing cat sitting after caring for her mother. Their conversation touches on major milestones, personal experiences, and the impact of travel on Dawn's life post-treatment. Tune in for an inspiring story of resilience and adventure.

(Click to Listen)


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