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Dawn Oswald

Updated: Jan 18

About Dawn Oswald

[Passed away December 15, 2023]

Dawn joined (SBC) in 2020. She immediately stepped forward to become part of our SBC Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Leadership Team and has taken a very active role in leading our MBC support group on Thursdays. Dawn is a loving soul and always offered support, advice, and friendship.

In addition, for the last two years Dawn has been crocheting beanies for SBC that would be sent to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer throughout the U.S. Dawn has crocheted over 100 beanies for the community!

Several members of our community had the pleasure of meeting Dawn when she came to visit Boston as well as when we attended the MBC conference held by Living Beyond Breast Cancer in Philly in April 2023. Read Dawn's blog about the conference!

It is with a very heavy heart that MBC has taken the life of this beautiful person leaving behind her children, husband, and grandchildren.

The Poetry Lab

Dawn also contributed significantly to our SBC Poetry Lab. Please read and enjoy several of Dawn's original writings:

What People in the SBC Community are saying

Julia: Prayers up for our dear fearless friend Dawn

Debra: The last time she texted me was 12:45 Tuesday. And I replied to her about 1ish Tuesday. Then today when I was at my oncologist I sent her a copy of a sign that says never give up. This is what I sent her.

Jennifer Fuller: I was just thinking of Dawn this morning. Was going to ask tonight if there were any updates on Dawn. So sorry to hear this news. She is in my thoughts. Sorry, I couldn’t make it to todays zoom go her.

Lisa Lewis: I'm sending love and support to Dawn and her family!  Many prayers too.

Julie Cottrell: I had been wondering how Dawn was doing. Dawn may not know it, but she helped me in deciding to be a mentor with ABCD. She told me about ABCD mentorships. I always admired her on the calls in my early SBC days when she was in Alaska.

Ashifa Shaw: Dawn,  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet through SBC. Your hats warmed my heart and made me feel a connection. 

Continued love & support on your journey. Xoxo

Andrea Magni: Dawn Oswald⁩ you are a bright soul and I love seeing the things you’ve created to warm others. Sending you lots of love and thinking of you and your beautiful family.

Melanie Clippinger: Dawn you are such a kind, giving, amazing woman.Sending lots of love to you and your beautiful family. Julie she also inspired me to become an ABCD mentor also.

Renata: When I joined the SBC family, I felt a great connection to you, Dawn. You were in Alaska back then and you had the same metastasis I had, and were on the same treatment I was, only several steps forward than me. I followed you as a guide, an inspirational guide. When you started Enhertu, I went to my oncologist asking if I could have it but I couldn't yet. When I was allowed to have it, I felt closer to you. Then for me everything changed, but that connection is still strong. Please, keep fighting. I love you and I pray for you and your family.

Brookshire: Dawn, you remain on my mind this morning. Your husband and children are there, too. My heart overflows with inspiration from you. You are one of th sisters my mother said I would never have! Love you lots.

Dawn’s obituary may be viewed here:

Please feel free to make a donation in honor of Dawn Oswald.


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